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Mobile Web Development

CSUSB CSE 594 Winter 2013 Turner

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This class meets twice per week for 2 hours each session. In addition to the weekly meetings, you can communicate with the class as a whole by posting to the CSUSB CSE 594 Winter 2013 Google Group.

The course is centered around building simple 2D games build with Web technologies and that run in both desktop and mobile environments. Students will maintain their code in a GitHub repository and publish their Web applications using Heroku.

The main language used in this course will be Javascript. On the client side, you will use Javascript running in the browser to communicate with your app server and Facebook using jQuery's ajax facilities. On the server side, you will use Javascript running in a Nodejs environment to communicate with the browser, Facebook and a MongoDB database.

System Requirements

You can do all required work in this course using any of the three common operating systems: Windows, OS X and Linux. All required software can be downloaded and installed for free. You can also use the computers in JB 358 and JB 359 to do all required work in this course. The open times for accessing these labs is available from the CSE website or by contacting the CSE main office.

Setup Instructions

Course Goals

The goal of this course is to increase your understanding of mobile application development that relies on Web technologies. Sub-topics of this course include the HTTP protocol, Javascript, cloud computing, system integration, version control, security, production management, distributed NoSQL data stores.

Learning Objectives


In this course, you will primarily focus on research and experimentation resulting in a sequence of increasingly complex, runnable prototypes. You should strive to make your code as readable as possible. I will use the following criteria to evaluate the readability of your code.

Program readability is important because real-world programs are read over and over again in the process of fixing bugs and adding new functionality.


I will base your grade on the following criteria.

Grade   Criteria
-----   ---------------------------------------------------------------
  A     Consistent research and experimentation in each week through
        out the quarter; highly readable code.
  B     Provides evidence of reading and experimentation on topics 
        covered by the class; readable code.
  C     Provides evidence of reading on topics covered by the course
        but with inadequate experimentation; poorly written code.
  D     Shows up to class but does not provide evidence of much effort
        beyond this.
  F     Absent from class and no evidence of reading and experimentation.

Students with Disabilities

If you are in need of an accommodation for a disability in order to participate in this class, please let me know as soon as possible, and also contact Services to Students with Disabilities at UH-183, (909) 537-5238. You are advised to establish a buddy system and alternate in the class if you require assistance in the event of an emergency. Individuals with disabilities should prepare for an emergency ahead of time by instructing a classmate and the instructor. Academic Regulations and Procedures

See the CSUSB Bulletin of Courses for the University's policies on course withdrawal, cheating, and plagiarism.

Computer Science and Engineering Club

The Computer Science and Engineering Club is a student-run organization that uses a combination of email and campus meetings to plan events, ask and answer technical questions, post job and internship openings, and discuss other topics of interest to computing majors at CSUSB. Club-sponsored events include seminars, workshops, tutoring and fun activities.