CSE 201: Fall 2016

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Final Exam Information

The final project will be assigned on the night of December 2nd 3rd, 2016. It will be due December 9, 2016 at 11:59 pm.

The project will involve creating a program in C++ within c9.io. You will be given specifications of what the program should do. The C++ code that you come up with will always be different than someone else's code, there is no one correct solution. As long as your C++ code compiles into a program that meets the specifications, you get full credit. You will not be starting completely from scratch, I will provide some code for you to use in your own source code.

The project will require an application of almost everything we covered, this includes: cout, cin, variables, expressions, strings, characters, integers, if statements, for statements, while statements, and vectors. You will be using functions and classes in this program (specifically, the ones I provide), but creating your own functions and classes is completely optional.

Things that you do NOT need to use in the final project include: formatted I/O (such as setw, setprecision, oct, hex, etc.), the double data type, string concatenation, references, private scope, public scope, constructors, operator overloaded. These things are optional for you to use at your convenience, but the project can be completed without them.


Course Syllabus

Course Schedule

Week Lecture Notes Assignments Due dates (Friday section) Due dates (Wednesday section)
0 Introduction Lab 0 09/30/2016 10/05/2016
1 Declarations and Expressions Lab 1 10/07/2016 10/12/2016
2 Strings and Formatted I/O Lab 2 10/14/2016 10/19/2016
3 Selections and Iterations Lab 3 10/21/2016 10/26/2016
4 Functions Lab 4 10/28/2016 11/02/2016
5 Vectors Lab 5 11/04/2016 11/09/2016
6 Classes and Member Access Lab 6 11/11/2016 11/16/2016
7 Constructors and Operator Overloading Lab 7 11/28/2016 11/23/2016
8 Review No Lab
9 No Lecture Final