Activity Deadline Points Notes
Git Jan 10 10 Learn git and clone your remote repository.
Hello Jan 12 10 Install Node.js and experiment with a simple web service.
Code Jan 13 10 Practice applying the source code readability criteria for the course.
Assertions Jan 14 10 Explore Javascript with assertions.
Prototype Jan 16 20 Learn how to use Javascript's prototypal inheritence.
Callbacks Jan 18 20 Program with callback functions.
Scope Jan 21 20 Understand scoping in Javascript and Node.js.
Events Jan 24 20 Understand events and error handling domains.
Buffers Jan 27 20 Create HTTP response messages using Buffer and controlling the character encoding.
File Jan 30 20 Read and send files to clients.
Ajax Feb 2 20 Retrieve data from the server using ajax.
Json Feb 5 20 Return ajax data using the JSON content-type.
Curl Feb 8 10 Send and receive HTTP messages from the command line.
Caching Feb 11 20 Control caching with ETags; turn off caching for changing data.
CouchDB Feb 14 20 Install CouchDB and experiment through curl.
Read Feb 17 20 Read data from database in the app server.
Gems Feb 20 20 Clone and modify a working Web app.
Gift Feb 23 25 Add gifting to the Web app.
Mobile Feb 27 15 Convert the app client to an Android app with WebView.
SQL Mar 10 10 Replace CouchDB with PostgreSQL in the gift application.
Heroku Mar 19 20 Deploy your PostgreSQL version of the gift application to Heroku.